Batch 001 by Jacob Reed

I love Frasier

And still, I think it's a little silly to reboot it. So… Inspired by projects like Our Robocop Remake, Our Footloose Remake, and other fan celebrations, I'm putting together a group of artists, illustrators, filmmakers, and more and we are going remake a full episode of Frasier... frame by frame.

Are You Happy?

Frasier's first season finale asks the question, "Are you happy?" The subtext: Was it worth it to make a Cheers spinoff?

Almost exactly three decades later, Our Frasier Remake is asking, "Is it worth it to reboot the show?" It's both a celebration of the original show and a challenge to the idea of endlessly remaking IP.

Batch 065 by Miguel Roselló

Batch 096 by Lucy Ellis

Frame by Frame

The episode has been split into 185 sections, each roughly 6-12 seconds. A different artist is responsible for each section, remaking it frame by frame in a different visual style — animation, stop-motion, embroidery, puppetry, and more.

The Team

Our Frasier Remake is curated by artist & filmmaker Jacob Reed and features work from 100+ artists.

Our work has won or been nominated for BAFTA, Emmy, Grammy, and Webby Awards; on Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Netflix, HBO, ABC, Funny or Die, Comedy Central; referenced in Senate hearings; named Vimeo Staff Picks; screened at SXSW, Sundance, Slamdance, Raindance, Just for Laughs, and more.

Batch 135 by Nono Flores

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